Friday, June 11, 2010

Commemorative Fruit

This Gram had a big adventure this morning. I am in Chicago, you know. And in an apartment complex with lots of keys and entry doors and a lobby. And a stroller to master (Cora knows how to work it better than me). And lots of new PEOPLE to encounter. A bath to give. And worse than all that...Cora's hair to fix! Yikes! I'm new at girl hair.

Okay, she's a darling subject but she's not all that into photo shoots these days. This one was a little blurry but at least she WAS looking in my vicinity. (By the way, it's a tee shirt and shorts day today...quite hot this morning in Chicago.)

After all those obstacles, including the photo shoot for Cora, (which I'm sure SHE considered quite an obstacle) she and I enjoyed a leisurely walk to Hyde Park Produce, the cutest little neighborhood store ever. It's just a few blocks down a tree-lined street with such beautiful landscaping it's a real pleasure to walk it. We picked up a fresh pineapple, some grapes and bananas and a few other fun things they offer at HPP (as Jake calls it) and headed back home, the stroller loaded down with groceries and the cutest 2-year old ever.

This is how she rolls. With her new-to-this-Gram long legs dangling out to the sides.

Fruit salad. That's what we made. To commemorate Magnolia's homecoming.

She'll be home any minute.

What a sweet day.


  1. Thanks for taking the time to shoot some pics! I think you did a wonderful job on her hair, and I love how Coco rolls in her stroller with Gram. This made my heart happy!

  2. Cora endures me struggling with her hair. It's still a little wispy but mostly it's my big fingers trying to twist those tiny rubberbands and keep all the hair together. (But it did actually turn out pretty good that day.) Thanks!


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