Friday, April 9, 2010

Come and Sit

Once upon a time, some nice friends gave us four very charming chairs.

I especially loved the chippy green paint.

We immediately put some black/white checked fabric on one
and parked it in the master bathroom.
(I usually throw clothes on it when company's not coming.)

The other three have been in storage for almost two years.
That means they were in a corner of Vaughn's shop,
gathering sawdust and such.

Not anymore.
This week our newly established Forsythia
asked for one
of the chairs to hang out with her.

It was past her beautiful yellow blooming days, but you can see she's happy.

And Vaughn finally got sick of the other two in the shop, so now look.

A bench. Full of whimsy and charm.

Today's spring weather is making me even more anxious to
add more flowers,
cushions and junky junk to our patio.

The patio is really coming along, don't you think?
We built our house less than 2 years ago.
It takes a lot of effort to make a place look established.
But it's getting there.

There are plans for a campfire pit soon. 
Did you know I am a campfire fanatic?

I can just see it...weiner roasts, singin', oh yeah.
All in my backyard.
In town.
On a regular Tuesday night or something.

When the campfire is burning...
goodness, even before that,

(because who really knows when
that thing will show up???...)

come and sit with me on the patio.


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  1. What terrific remakes on your chairs. So much better than dust catchers! Your patio is coming along...will have to stop by again to check on your progress. Your little heart for Jack over at Daisy cottage is so cute.


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