Saturday, January 2, 2010

Metal Tray Art

Trays are fun to collect. I love to imagine where they have been before becoming mine. TV trays? Serving lemonade on the patio at a 1950's home?

I collected most of these from flea markets and garage sales, but my friend Sue gave me the pink one and the green rectangular one. I KNOW the story behind those two. The rest...I'll make up.

To hang them I hot glued ribbon on the back. Wa-la!


  1. Can't you just imagine the hands of the women who carried them with love serving their family and friends? The act of true, lovely, "servanthood"....Seems we need more trays today, huh? Love trays and love what you did with yours my friend:).........Raynita

  2. Thanks, Raynita. They just look happy, don't they?


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