Monday, December 28, 2009

Where's Your Favorite Sitting Spot?

I am smitten with the way my friend Kim from Daisy Cottage shows a cup of coffee by her chair. It looks so yummy and relaxing, welcoming.

But I drink Diet Coke at my house.

Vaughn drinks coffee. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to smell coffee. And I even have those red Fiesta coffee cups Kim has.

But no thanks.

So here you see my Diet Coke, sitting by my favorite chair. This chair has an excellent view of the park across the street, so I sit here often just to take a breath before moving on to my next activity. I love to check my favorite blogs in this chair.

Vaughn recently finished a piece of furniture we had been dreaming of for over a year. We weren't sure if we'd find something to redo or if he would build it...until I saw a very simple desk in a magazine and knew that idea could grow into something like this.

Vaughn used tinted laquer on this project. (Have you noticed Cora's kitchen
is the same color?) We like turquoise around here.

He "wormholed" it to give it a distressed look.
We like distressed around here too.
That way when life happens, our stuff still looks good.

It holds everything. The two drawers on the right are file drawers.
And my favorite thing! No cords show.
Vaughn has learned that I hate cords and he is good at hiding them.

Don't worry about Vaughn. He gets to sit in this room too. With his coffee.

A sitting spot is pretty important in this world we live in.
Tell me about your favorite sitting spot.

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