Tuesday, December 29, 2009

In a Former Life: Great, Great Aunt Hattie's Dresser

This dresser has been around. The story goes that this was Vaughn's grandmother's Aunt Hattie's dresser and that she used it in her hotel in KS. Neat story. I love a good story.

It was in pieces in Grandmother Romberg's shed for years until Vaughn lovingly put it back together.

 BEFORE: As a dresser, of course.

Would you please pick that yellow leaf out of my ivy?
(Does this ever happen to you?)

Jake and Brie even used this dresser for a television for a couple of years in their apartment in OKC. The drawers held all their movies and such.

AFTER:  Guest Bathroom: A Permanent Home

Vaughn painted and glazed the dresser and added a sink. The top drawers are false now, but the bottom two are fully functioning for guest bathroom things. With new drawer guides, the drawers open and close smoothly. A small rectangular box cut from each of the bottom drawers
allows for the sink plumbing.

We had thought about this for years.
For this house, our forever house, we decided it would be a perfect way to use and love Aunt Hattie's dresser every day.

In a former life: a dresser with a story.
Today: a sink with a purpose (and a story).

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