Sunday, December 20, 2009

Let Christmas Begin

Driving from Oklahoma to Chicago was not bad at all. In fact it was quite an enjoyable twelve hour ride. 

Vaughn and Parker did all the driving while I sat in back in my little nest, which consisted of Cora's kitchen (handmade by Offey) packed in three separate LARGE boxes and our tiny suitcases wedged in between and all around me.

Now that we're here, at Jake & Brie's house, all under the same roof...let Christmas begin. 

A week. A week to share stories. Relax. Kick back. Run around. Eat. With the people who love me and make me my best me.

And that Cora. My how she's grown in eight weeks. She's saying so many words and doing lots of big girl things. She knows and says our names. "Offey" for Vaughn, "Par-ker" for Parker and mostly "uh" for Gram, once and awhile a "G-m".

Christmas! It's time for you!


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