Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Home 2009

I've finally acquired enough of these Jim Shore snow people to clump them as a collection.
This year they are on the piano, and will probably stay there through January.
I like 'em too much to put them away with the Christmas decorations.
The red bird snowman is my newest addition to the family.

Another collection that is complete after years of gathering. I love my Willow Tree nativity. So simple but powerful at the same time. This is the first thing I put out when decorating. (Each one is packed in styrofoam which makes a real mess, but it is definitely worth it to keep the pieces safe.)

I love junk, which is usually rusty and chippy and non-shiny. Then here I go collecting mercury glass. Even shiny new mercury glass looks old and shabby.
The tree was a bargain at Cracker Barrel last year.

The sleigh was a flea market find this fall. I loaded it full of some
vintage mercury glass ornaments I have.


Merry Christmas, Everyone.



  1. Okay, Tracey, I had to laugh at your new collection of "shiny" mercury glass ornaments because the last two years I have been fighting off the urge to start collecting those bottle brushes with the shiny deco on them...lol...I keep asking myself why am I suddenly after all these years liking shiny?...well, actually, I have always liked a little bling here and there. I always stick a little vintage tinsel garland around the house but now that I have seen you have succumbed to shiny, I am thinking it couldn't have anything to do with our age??????????? No way, we just have extremely good taste and know when to apply it...lol Love your house!!!!!!!

  2. Oh! Where did you find your "cloche" sp?...bell jar? I have been hunting for a good size one for two years now. I want one for my entry way to place seasonal things in...bird's nest etc... Love yours:) They have been so expensive when I find them:(

  3. Friend, you have made my day, commenting TWICE. I do think shiny comes with age. You're right...we just know what makes everything else have some razmataz. The cloche...I can't remember. I think Vaughn got me that one at the wholesale place between Seminole and Earlsboro. I have a lot of little ones, but that one is my biggest. I need a million more. I love those things.

    Thanks again for visiting my little blog.

    Come see me sometime.

  4. Tracey, I love reading your blog. Cora is growing up so fast! The kitchen that Vaughn made is adorable. He is so talented. I was excited to see how cute the Larkspur Lane snowman looked in your house.

  5. You are so right about that snowman. He's perfect. Thanks again for such a thoughtful gift.

    I agree about the kitchen. It's just perfect for Cora's house. The color works so well with Brie's turquoise, sunflower and tangerine Fiesta, which is stacked right above the kitchen on an open shelf.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm sooooo new at this and it's exciting to have lookers.

    Love, Tracey

  6. I didn't know you collected Jim Shore snow people! I do too! Well sort of I have one my mom bought me when she went to Branson one year and I have an ornament (lion and Lamb) she bought me at a hospital gift shop. Both stay out all year as I like them so very much! Heather

  7. Who are you, Anonymous? I have the lion and lamb too, but it's not the ornament one. It was my first Jim Shore purchase. It just spoke to me. Several of them have spoken since then! They've been yelling at me, in fact!

  8. hahaha HEy I can't figure out how to follow your blog so I am anonymous! Heather Price


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