Friday, December 6, 2013

Steady Sparkles

We've had two snow days, this being the second. Today...snow. And all the lovely snow fluttering down keeps me gawking out the windows, front and back.

The back view at first light this morning was pretty lovely, but since then I bet another inch has accumulated on the chairs we not-so-long-ago gathered in around the fire pit bathtub.

The front view. Thus the "steady sparkles" title of my blog today. We are so blessed with a beautifully decorated park as our out-the-kitchen-window view. (I might enjoy them a little more if they twinkled, but then again, maybe steady sparkles is what this girl needs in a world so frenzied.)

So on this very special snow day...days that don't come often enough...I bet I'll be mesmerized by the quiet fluffies falling outside my doors, but throughout the entire Christmas season I'll be gazing upon those steady sparkles in the park.

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