Monday, November 19, 2012

Latest Crush: Cottage Green Shelf with Sheep

I recently went shopping at Gatsby's in Wewoka, one of my favorite antique stores. It was Open House and I knew there was a coupon to be had, so I grabbed Vaughn and we went looking.

About Gatsby's: It takes two trips around the store, through all the ins and outs, at LEAST. I actually think I could go around and around 100x and never see all the interesting things Carol has to offer.

On this particular occasion it took two trips to decide, although I noticed the vintage cottage shelf the first time through. I liked it for my bathroom above the bathtub, where I've been enjoying lots of baths to soak the sore arm. On the second lap I got out my Sherwin Williams paint chips I've carried since we built our house. This was serious. The green painted cabinetry in my bathroom would have to GO with the shelf.

There was such a slight chance the two greens would complement one another, I almost didn't get excited. But it did go and I got it and loved hearing about the 20% discount at the checkout.

I finally got to piddle with decorating the most charming green shelf this morning. Here's where I am right now.

My favorite sheep pictures, along with items that mean to me, "Be still. Be a sheep in His pasture. Let Him lead you."
Another favorite vintage sheep picture with some quiet treasures on Grandmother's old bathroom shelf.
A nice place to be.

I have been missing this me, the decorating me. She's been unhinged by the broken arm, but she's raring to get at it again soon.


  1. Tracey - Cute shelf. You have such a knack for decorating. I know it's been so hard for you not to with your sore arm. Is it getting better? Hope so.

    Wish we could get together some year!


  2. Oh Judy, you should talk about MY decorating! I have visited your cute-as-can-be blog and I'm so impressed with it.

    You'd think we're hours and hours away from each other.

    I'm gonna come see you soon. And I want to meet Cozy Little House's Brenda when I come! LOL


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