Thursday, December 22, 2011

Prepare Him Room

Let every heart prepare Him room.

As I was singing those familiar words one week at church (words that have become a bit too familiar maybe), my heart all of a sudden swelled. Tears filled my eyes as I imagined my heart and what it needed to undergo in order to fully prepare Him room.

So many people, experiences and things are in my heart.

But then there are those things I love that are not as important as I sometimes make them. Are there things I could clear out in order to make room for Him?

If I make more room for Him, won't I also be making room for lots more people, experiences and things?

Jesus' heart has room for everyone. All people. To be clear, all kinds of people.

Loud or quiet.
Backward or polished.
Clean or dirty.
Overweight or way too thin.
All colors.
Gay and straight.
Mentally or physically handicapped.
Those who are addicted.
Rich or poor.
Christians and non-Christians.
People who gossip.
Bathed or not.
Even those who judge.

I am these KINDS of people. I've been the one who gossips. Judges. Gawks. I've been poor and rich. I've been clean and I've been dirty.

But in my heart of hearts I know that all people deserve love and fairness and acceptance. And I must widen a place in my heart for all the people Jesus loves.

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