Wednesday, October 12, 2011

At Home at School

There's so much that goes into the houses we live in and own. We're committed deep. Yes, in debt, usually, but also to the beauty of the home, at least in our visionary minds. To the dings and dents. To the sounds of laughter and joy of the ones we love who inhabit or come to spend time there.

It's not quite the same, but I'm connected in a pretty deep way to my classroom as well. There might as well be a connection since the students and I "live" there possibly more hours a day than we live in our homes.  There might as well be hints of who we are and what we appreciate.

3rd Grade won the most AR points for the month...two months in a row.

The menu is posted on the old metal tray. Each day the person in charge of the lunch menu reads it out loud.

We celebrate lots of things.

We count the money in the coin cup (colander) daily.

Each student writes the amount on a slip of paper for a chance to win the daily candy prize.

A very tidy cubby is rewarded with fruit chews.

Lots of students in 3rd and 4th grade are qualified for the first AR trip, coming up soon.

Q-tip skeletons were such fun to create!


  1. Love this post...very true. I should make my cubicle me. ;)

    Cute classroom! (not surprising!)

  2. I agree that you should make a fantastic cubicle. It should reflect your personality, for sure! If you ever get to sit in your cubicle (doubt it), you can enjoy it!

    Love you,


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