Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Country Mouse

Cora was here this weekend. She starts her 3-year-old class this week at Westminster School in Oklahoma City, so this Gram wanted her to enjoy one last fling before the school routine begins.

We enjoyed working the Moss tournament concession stand Saturday morning. She sat on the counter and told the customers thank you and have a nice day.

We played. And played. And played. "Up-a-stairs", as she called it when younger. In the photo she's loving her favorite junk jar, but we also played "going to the museum", "baby dolls", "puzzles", watched movies and read books.

A favorite Cora book is this one:

If you're not familiar with the story, I'll bring you up to speed.

The main story is about two mice who are friends, one is from the city and the other is from the country. The city mouse invites the country mouse to visit her, and the country mouse invites the city mouse to visit her. Each mouse decides where she lives is the better place for her.

The book we own came from a garage sale and it just looks dreadful. It's been colored on and mistreated for years, apparently.  But it's still the book she has brought to Gram to read time and time again.

So a few months ago I picked her up in the city to come to visit my house. Leaving her Mama and Papa that day was hard. It was later in the afternoon and she was tired. For the first few miles she was a little teary and I was talking her through her feelings. I told her she was like the City Mouse going to visit the Country Mouse. We started watching the city turn into the country and pretty soon, well, after she fell asleep for about an hour, we were at Gram's house, in the "country".

I'm tickled to death to have the new nickname Country Mouse. And I love that Cora loves to visit me here.


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