Monday, June 13, 2011


Magnolia Jane McInnes Johnson: One cute one-year-old.

The theme of the party was Sunshine. Very appropriate, since this sweet little one makes you feel all sunny inside.

BrieAnn found some cute ideas online, then we combined our efforts to create a special, yellow, light-hearted Sunday afternoon birthday party.

My mom and I made cutesy banners with a discarded yellow chenille bedspread.

M is for Magnolia. And much-loved.

Brie made the prettiest cupcakes. It was hard to get this shot because Nolia wanted to try one....BAD.

These little doodads say: Magnolia Is One!

Duh. You knew the sunflower Fiesta would come to the show.

Mason jars and yellow daisies and balloons too.  

Uh-oh. Instant sadness. We hope she forgets this part.

She didn't forget at the party, that's for sure. She had nothing to do with the cupcakes.

Big sister Cora sure did.

She had several. She especially loved the fluffy, yellow-sprinkled frosting.
She got gifts too. Not just packaging.


Showing off those new teeth. Three on bottom. In! Two teeth on top and one still playing peek-a-boo.

Finger foods: Nolia's favorites. Fruit, veggies, dips.

Fizzy Lemonade was a hit.
Oh, you want to know about Fizzy Lemonade. Take a gallon pitcher. Put in one package of Koolaid Lemonade, one large frozen lemonade, one cup sugar and one two-liter bottle of 7-Up. Fill the rest of the pitcher with water. Wonderful, fizzy, delicious lemonade. (Plan to drink all of it before the fizz dies. Then it's not so good. Perfect for parties.)

I got her the Happy Apple at a garage sale last week. She loves it.

Happy Birthday, Sunshine!


  1. Loved this little peek into your wonderful birthday party for Magnolia! Everything was soooo cute and sweet! Thanks for sharing your sweet family with all of us....We can just feel the LOVE !!! Love, Myrna


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