Monday, April 11, 2011

The Weekend's Loot

 Two sets of bobby pins embellished with old-fashioned earbobs. I always need something in my contrary hair. So why not these vintage lovelies? I can take that idea and run with it! And I NEEDED that bracelet too. The buttons and earbobs and adorable colors...perfectly charming.

These worn red D-O-G letters are bound for Gabby's bedroom, maybe above the door. Stay tuned.

Yes. She has a room.

The red and white gingham metal tray is not my first. And it won't be my last. I love to use them in bookshelves behind or under other junk I adore. The Purina advertisement, "Keep Your Promises", will be framed and hung. Parker got one about not killing time, but using it (in more poetic words than that). And the turquoise-handled sifter was a must.

You know how I feel about carolers. She has a flocked cape on. Couldn't resist. I'm putting it in my Christmas storage so I can surprise even myself with her awesomeness once again come November. I think she'll get along with my other carolers well.

The baseball was .49 at a thrift shop.  Hmmm. Check this amazing idea out.

Flea Market magazine.   

Give me a break. This little necklace is a hard one to photograph. The artist created it by cutting tiny metal tea sets and forming them into flowers. She had me at repurpose. 

 Recycled magazines and junk mail were used to create this so-cute nest.

 This former license plate will live a new life in my flower bed. I love the leaf made from an old nail.

I bought this flower pin ONLY because it was made from dotted swiss material. I have very fond memories of dotted swiss dresses Mom used to make me. Oh, and besides, it's a super cute flower.

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