Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Junk Yard: Front Yard

I've been buying old ice cream maker buckets at garage sales and flea markets lately. One is in the front yard and one is on the back patio.

Mop bucket love. I have many. And dream of many more. Some are in the house and some are scattered about on porches.

This Lard bucket has been on my front porch for years. It's where friends and family drop things off, sort of like a mailbox.

Treasure? To this junker it is.

The flower bed. Vaughn got the frame in a trade. We plan on the newly planted ground cover filling the entire bed.

My dad had this seen-better-days wagon wheel. Just our style.

This old hydrant is enjoying retirement in the mailbox flower bed. 

The snowball bush just spills out of the wheelbarrow. The old post is from the Methodist Church preschool. I mean, it was just sitting there after the building was torn down. Parker went to preschool there and I couldn't resist keeping a piece of history.

Yes, we live IN TOWN with all this junk.

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