Thursday, February 10, 2011


These days I'm crushing on some specific things. Things I don't need as much as want. But that's okay. Crushes are sometimes like that.

I'd like this scarlet Fiesta canister in large, please. And after that, I'd like it in turquoise and shamrock too. All large. One for sugar. One for flour. One for something else. Three is the way they're meant to be (if you ask me).

Maybe Cupid will bring me the red one. If not, I have a back-up plan. I must have it to begin my canister collection.

Money is no object because I'm just crushing here.

I'm also in love with this American Eagle peasant skirt. Just the right length. That would be KNEE.

I think I'll reward myself with one after I reach another weight-loss goal. Of course THEN I might need new sandals.

I'm also crushing on granny squares. I want a granny square blanky in my life.

Just sayin'.

What are you crushing on these days?


  1. Two things came to mind when I read the topic of your entry:

    1. She's crushing on something shabby.
    2. She's not openly crushing on Dad.

    God I'm good.

  2. And you were so right, Parker! I've been known to blog about my crush on Dad before, but not this time. No siree. This time it's the shabby stuff. I guess that's because I've been home with snow days and have discovered a big desire for more shabby in my life.

    I'm glad you know me like you do.

  3. I love the Fiesta canisters!


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