Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Be Tracey.

I've been reading again.

In Gretchen Ruben's know, the one I've blogged about a few times before...

She tries to live by a rule. The rule is: Be Gretchen.

That's hard sometimes. To be (insert your name here).

To be authentic and real.

We start out pretty REAL. I mean, look at Magnolia. She's pretty much herself at 8 months.

When does it happen that we begin to think we're not enough, just like we are?

A friend of mine was telling me her 4 year old son came home from preschool saying his shoes were stupid. A classmate had shared that knowledge with him. That's too young to be questioning your shoes, your style. Your YOU.

I've been known to twist into something unknown to me (before I hopefully realize it and pull myself back together again). I change ME in order to do what I think will please someone else.

I like my style, but sometimes I think I should go with the flow. Not rock the boat. Comply. Wear what they wear. Do what she does. Live their life, not mine.

Does this ever happen to you?

This Gretchen. She's smart. I'm going to try to live by her rule.  And Be Tracey.

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