Friday, January 21, 2011

Vintage Valentines

Vintage valentines are some of my favorite things.

I love that some of them had to be punched out. You had to work to get them apart.

I love the cute kid handwriting on the ones I have collected, mostly in pencil.

Ahhhh. How I loved making the selection...oh, and writing each classmate's name on the front of one of those flimsy little envelopes. It was such fun (but intense) picking out which one would go to who.

In certain grades I had to be particularly choosy about which ones to give to the boys. Couldn't have anyone getting lovey-dovey ideas.

This is one of mine I found in my old Bible. Hey. Wonder why I got the porcupine? That's almost like a skunk.

Look at this little girl closely!

Now look again! She wants a hug!

And there was always a teacher card in each box. I remember feeling so proud to write her name on that card and take it to school. To see her face light up! (Uh-oh...better make sure MY face lights up for the cards I receive too, huh?)

I have some vintage teacher valentines that belonged to a former neighbor of ours, Oleta Turpin.

I also have her red and white plastic heart earrings. I am just sure they were a gift from one of her students. When I first started teaching first grade, I used to wear them to my Valentine's Day parties, just for kicks. Now they have a special place of honor here with other super meaningful, non-valuable-in-the-ways-of-money-things.

Enjoy the season of love, Friends.

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