Monday, January 10, 2011

A Teacher's Salary

Tax time is coming. So it won't be long and I'll be doing it again.

I'll be going through each and every receipt.

Just how much did I spend of my not-enough teacher paycheck to purchase things for the classroom?

I don't even want to know. (And I'll definitely do my best to keep that information from Mr. Johnson.)

Yes. Some are deductible. I like deductions as much as the next guy, but the fact is, the money is still gone from my wallet.

Last minute bulletin board supplies for a most-inviting back to school classroom, cotton balls for Santa's beard, clothespins for classroom management, my favorite felt-tip purple and pink and teal grading pens, peanut butter and bird seed and Valentine cards for each little love of mine. And a million other must-haves.

And I'll even admit that some of this spending is unnecessary (sort of).

I mean, I have been known to bribe children with little what-nots, such as a cold Sprite from my fridge when a student conquers his/her first Facts Master 100 (in ten minutes),  a drawer full of goodies to choose from for being responsible and returning a progress report, or a snack when we work together and earn our jar full of marbles for good behavior or performance.

But let's much is good behavior and performance worth to me?

And I also admit THIS...part of my paycheck goes to keeping the room smelling and feeling good. Maybe that's not necessary either. But it sure makes me want to be there. And I bet that goes for my students too.

Each year I try to curb some of my desires. And I've actually been successful in making do with what I have in many situations.

But once and awhile the pressure builds up. I lose my head. I forget what I'm spending and instead think of how meaningful it will be to my students.

Thus. The receipts.

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