Monday, November 22, 2010

Iowa: Home for Parker

Last weekend we made a mad dash to Iowa to help our son Parker get adjusted after his move (the day before) from Tulsa to Lamoni, Iowa. We left at 5:30 a.m. Saturday and got back about 9:00 p.m. Sunday. Whew. THAT was a mad dash. But we wouldn't have it any other way. We're handy people to have around when it comes to moving, if we do say so ourselves. Vaughn is quite wonderful with hanging shelves and curtain rods and repairing things that are not right. And I'm good at getting things done. So we're a good team. And Parker and some friends had already taken everything from the moving truck, so a big part of the move was already done.

We followed this into town. They were using a large black umbrella to shield the wind from a small passenger.

118 N. Silver. What a cute place.

I love the leaves. Sure felt like fall that weekend too. It was quite cold, actually.

What a cool front door. 

Parker's a junker too. He scavenged this liar from the shop before we left Oklahoma, knowing he wanted it to resemble a mantel when turned upside down. And it turned out to be a great place to display his vintage gas numbers, now representing the house number.

Parker has collected old license plates for years and years. He has lots more than are displayed here.

Believe me, Amelia was NOT in the crate much while we were there, but I snapped this when she went in to get a drink. She's hard to take a photo of, this girl. She's busy. Especially now with a three bedroom, two-story house to wander around in.

Sidenote: Should I tell her the tee shirt is a little too small? (We'd better get her some warmer (and larger) clothes for those early morning jaunts to the potty.)

It wasn't long after we arrived that we decided to go ahead and decorate his house for Christmas while we were unpacking. So we did!

I love the old vintage Santa lights thrown over the windows. Just for looks. And quirky fun.

Parker has a neat bay window with plenty of room to house the 4' white pre-lit tree Parker got at a thrift store for $1. He has neat ornaments collected through the years.

His Hallmark airplane ornaments given to him yearly by his Mammy are displayed on the garland on the staircase. Right in the nook where the travel stuff settled.

Some ornaments begged to be given more attention on the old shutters Parker picked up on the side of the road. Oh. Take a peek at that silly mushroom ornament. Are mushrooms coming back in style? OM Goodness.

Vaughn made the old trumpet lamp for him years ago.

Another view of the travel area. The map we got at a junk sale worked out great here (to hide a patched air conditioner hole). The cute chair was given to us by our junkin' friends, Dub and Rusty Ingram. And don't you love the old propeller?

Though I think it's safe to call the weekend a FRENZY, I especially enjoyed the time with Vaughn and Parker. Knowing he's tucked into his new home and set up for life, I can rest easier in my own.

Thus the life of parents.

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  1. Love the pictures and the comments! :)

    We had fun doing that hu? Cute house...

    Thanks for the help!


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