Monday, November 1, 2010

Canton, TX: A Junker's Paradise

Vaughn and I just got back from First Monday at Canton, TX. Although it's only 3-4 hours from home, we usually make it down there only once or twice a year. We love it. We actually went for our 25th anniversary one time. We love it THAT much. I mean, most people take a cruise or something.

I have to be honest. I was too delirious with joy to take all the photos I wish now I had taken. But hopefully you'll get the idea if you've never been there.

If you're going to Canton, you'll need a buggy of some kind. (Preferably not one like ours. Four wheels are better than two. But we bought our 2-wheel light-weight for $10 last year when we were VERY far from the car and lugging some heavy Fiesta dishes. It was better than nothing.)

He tried it three or four times before he was able to get all of this load in there.

The stuff rode like this for MILES, I swear. That was how far our car and trailer were from this good junk.

We made several trips to the car when our arms and buggy couldn't hold another thing.

We stayed from 11-7. And I promise, it starts looking the same after that many hours.

We stayed the night in Sulphur Springs, TX so we could rest our weary junk-filled eyes. On the way home the next day we stopped for some fuel and food. And a garage sale!

Once we were back to town we dropped off the goods at the shop. Don't laugh, People. This junk is some good junk.

The wooden chair will be restored at the shop and resold. Mop bucket...mine. I think that's 6 in our collection now. 4 are IN the house.

The sad little tricycle story. I loved it from the minute I saw it, and so did Vaughn. I asked the dealer how much. He said, "Darlin', I was just hopin' someone would feel sorry for that little trike and offer me somethin' like $3 for it." I told him I would do just that. I plan on putting it in a flower bed. It deserves a nice pretty place to rest, don't you think?

I love old peanut butter jars with metal lids. This one will be a junk jar for Cora. We bought a jar of dice and another one filled with game pieces to combine for a treasure jar for her house. She loves junk too.

A beat-up turquoise and white ice cream freezer will live on my porch. In fact, it's already there with a mum parked inside. 

Vaughn put a piece of metal like this one on the front of an island one time. Maybe that's what will happen to this one too. He's also framed them before for a neat look.

The "Will Build to Suit" sign will be perfect at the shop. It's true.

I love the Norman Rockwell photo. That cute boy is walking his girl home from school. I plan on hanging it in the office at home somewhere.

Vaughn spotted the OLD black chair for $3 at the garage sale. I don't know what he has in mind for it but I know it will be great. We also bought Parker a couch there. (We were so glad we had the trailer.)

I collect T's and V's (for Tracey and Vaughn, you see). I will use this intersection sign in the front entry at the house, along with the other letters we've already hung. Vaughn will tell you that sign is HEAVY. His arms are more than a little sore today.

We got 3 different M's for $1 at the garage sale. Magnolia's mom might want to hang one over her bed someday. They had a previous life in a girl named Mandi's room.

Just the perfect amount of rust and chip and STYLE.

This book wanted me. It's titled "Life at It's Best" and I think I'll always remember Canton when I see it. I like to decorate with books like this one.

I like the old clock too. Can't ever get enough of those.

Another shot of my cute little trike. Red is always perfect in my book.

There's a neat old coffee tin on that chair. It was a dollar and I just know it will be perfect with the right something-something in it.

Now. The real work begins. Once it's home you have to get to start repurposing, refurbishing, redoing, redecorating. I'll post more photos soon.


  1. I want to go to Canton so bad!! Cute stuff.

  2. Thanks, Tara. You know I love the hunt more than the actual find. I just get so happy looking at all that old stuff and wondering how it got from where it lived originally to the flea market.


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