Sunday, September 12, 2010

Road Trip for Gabby

Gabby likes to ride in the back of the pickup. She hangs in a really scary-looking position over the edge of the passenger side back corner (check out the scratches next time you see Vaughn in town). Her jowls flop and fly in the wind. Her tongue dries quickly so she's constantly swallowing and trying to keep spit in there. We have to watch her really close because once she got a little top heavy and went over the side (she was tied in). We had to hurry and get her back in the bed of the truck.

Last night we were heading to the farm to get some corn stalks to decorate the yard. Dad had saved me some from his garden this summer. Yay, Dad! Anyway, we asked Gab to go along. You would have thought we gave her the world. (Apparently she likes to GO.)

And we found out another thing. She really loves Mom and Dad's pond and loves, loves, loves to retrieve. (She is a labrador retriever.) Vaughn kept throwing the toy out farther and farther and she kept swimming harder and harder to get it and bring it back. Just one little problem...once she got to the bank she wanted to sit down and chew it up (can you believe that?).

Good job, Gab!        

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