Monday, June 28, 2010

Junk Jars

I'm smitten with jars, the junkier the better.

Basically I like trash people would have (or should have) ordinarily thrown away.

I always wonder who kept each jar. Who washed the decal or sticker off? Who cleaned out the contents and decided it was a great jar for...what?

Sadly, we live in a throw-away world. I guess that's why I like junk so much...someone treasured it for some reason or another and it was NOT thrown in the trash or burned or whatever people used to do with their castaways. 

Anybody recognize my Vaughny as a youngster, peeking around the edge of the jar of dice?

Anyway, so I consider it my job. To continue to save those jars and that tin and basically junk-in-general and put all of it to use in my house.

Sometimes with snippets of something held safely inside.

I must confess...I even BOUGHT some of this junk. Jar and junk as one. That's pretty cool too, because then you get a gathering of someone else's treasures (or trash if you choose to look at it that way).

Happy Junkin'.

P. S. Oh, and another confession. Never a fan of Tang. Ew. (I still like the jar because it was a product of my childhood.) But I LOVE Peter Pan peanut butter.

P. S. S. My jars are especially happy because they are sitting in an antique cash drawer, each bin smooth from the wear of fingers fishing for coins...a gift from my mom and dad.


  1. I love that first jar picture..."P- nuttiest!" Go team on their marketing...I mean, am I right or am I right?

    Secondly - I love that cash drawer and where it is in the house.

    Lastly - I think it would technically be P.P.S. rather than P.S.S. simply because Post-Post-Script sounds better than Post-Script-Script ;)

    <3 Love you!

  2. Okay, I was loving your comment, Parker, until you started picking on me with your LASTLY comment. Ha. Love you too, Honey.


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