Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cora: An American Girl

The American Girl doll store. Chicago.

I guess it's every little girl's dream these days to own an American Girl doll. And every Gram's dream these days to buy one.

We had visited the store last fall when Cora was 20 months old. She liked being there and seeing all the dolls, but was too young, of course, to totally GET how exciting shopping at this place could be.

Yesterday we went back and it was quite a different experience. Cora went from doll to doll and from accessory to accessory with such excitement. She particularly loved Julie Albright, we think. 

Julie's cool.

When Cora was looking at Julie and her so-cute banana seat bike, Julie and the bike fell down on the floor by her. (The photo below shows Cora with Julie right before the crash.) So we know she remembers Julie because she's so sweetly mentioned "Julie and bike fall down" several times since we left the store.

Friends who are grandmas have suggested Bitty Baby as her first American Girl doll. So yesterday this Gram purchased a blond and blue-eyed Bitty Baby for Cora, the American Girl, for Christmas. (Cora was so smitten with the doll stroller and the fun she was having pushing a baby around in it that she didn't notice Gram making the deal.)

Bitty Baby
This Gram thing. I'm lovin' every minute of it.


  1. You are the best Gram!! Cora is going to be so excited:)

  2. Yes, I think she will be excited at Christmas. And maybe she'll be excited again in Feb. when she turns 3 and on her next Christmas and her next birthday...ha. I sure think the dolls and accessories are fun.


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