Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our Story of Love

Once upon a time, two 19 year olds (who dated for two months) said "I do."

That was 27 years ago today.

Vaughn actually worked till 5:30 p.m. that day at Sharpe's Department Store. They got married at 6:00. He was almost late, which might have caused a girl to get worried. Not Tracey. She knew he was coming. 

They were married in the back yard of her parents home on North John. It was about a 100 dollar wedding. Seriously. The only expenses she can remember would be the cake, which was small, a tiny silk bouquet and whatever her mom spent on the barbeque dinner their very few guests (just family) enjoyed after they left.

The wallpaper in her mom's kitchen is cracking her up today. But it was pretty back then, really.

He wore his brown suit (brown!), the one he had owned for a couple of years. She wore a sleeveless white eyelet dress that she'd also worn before. She remembers going to the store to get some pastel ribbons to put around her waist to fancy it up.

It was a big decision...not the ribbon for her waist, but the man she would marry. She chose wisely.

He has loved her every single day for 27 years. And she him.


  1. Sweetness!! So happy for you both...


  2. Thank you, Kay. We both chose wisely, don't you think?

  3. Aw!! So sweet!! I love the pictures!

  4. You know, your story reminds me of my parents' story. I hope you don't mind me sharing.

    They knew on their first date that they wanted to get married, and eleven months later did just that. They both worked at K-Mart in Amarillo, TX, Mom in women's clothing, and dad in produce. Dad went to work on their wedding day to get his paycheck, and mom went in to get something as well. They ran into each other as they passed through the front doors and just winked at each other. They got married later that day in a small church with both of my grannies and one or two other family members present. Mom wore a white jumper dress and a wiglet (it was 1969, mind you) and dad wore a shirt and tie. They didn't have a reception or a honeymoon.

    They celebrated their 41st anniversary in March.

    Congrats to you and Vaughn. I love your story. Thank you for sharing the sweetness.

  5. Ashleigh...I LOVE the K-Mart story. Especially the wink. Thanks for sharing such a darling new beginnings story. Sounds like that wink was a great start to a lifelong story of love.

  6. Are you two adorable or what? So proud to call you friends from way back when that wallpaper in Ms. Bettye's kitchen on North John was sooooooooooo very cute to

    Love ya both, Raynita


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