Sunday, May 16, 2010

Anticipating Magnolia

The name of today's entry sounds like a movie title.

"Anticipating Magnolia", coming to a theater near you.

Magnolia is our new granddaughter, not yet born. She's actually not due until June 30th.

Her sister, Cora, was born 5 weeks early.

Magnolia, if born today, would be 7 weeks early. Her mama is in the hospital today in Chicago, trying NOT to have her.

BrieAnn started having contractions yesterday, about 3 minutes apart. She visited with her doctor and was told to go to the hospital to get checked out. She's dilating, thinning, all that. But the good news is they've given her Procardia and she seems to be responding to that medication this time (didn't work for her with Cora's premature labor). She is taking steroid shots for Magnolia's lungs while in the hospital, just in case she comes. Magnolia now weighs 4 lbs., 9 oz. according to the ultrasound done yesterday.

All this baby anticipation is making me think of Cora and her birth. How exciting it was (and continues to be) being first time grandparents.

February 15, 2008

I knew I'd love her. I knew she would look like Jake to me, taking me back about 23 years. But I didn't know I'd love her THAT much. Amazing love.

We knew way ahead of time what Vaughn's name would be. Instead of Grampa (he was much too young for that name), BrieAnn named him Offey. You have to know him pretty personally before he'll tell you why. Cora's been able to say his name for a long time, and clearly. I can tell it makes him so proud for her to say it in such a lovey dovey way.

Brie really wanted me to wait to get my name straight from Cora. I guess a couple of years would have gone by before my name would have been solid. I hated to send my sweet granddaughter holiday cards signed Offey and Tracey Johnson, so I begged to name myself.  A month or two after Cora was born Parker and I searched the internet and found Gram. It fits. She calls me "RAM" these days.

Gram: It just works so well with Offey. I've always dreamed of having camp here at the house in the summers with the grandkids. How cute will it be to make tee shirts and such with a "Camp Gramandoffey" logo?

Back to Magnolia and her anticipated arrival. I have Gram questions. Vaughn has Offey questions. Like...

What color will her hair be, light like Cora's, or dark, for her own special look?
Just how tiny will she be?
Will she favor her mama and her papa, like Cora, or one or the other more?
Will she have more hair than Cora, or less?

And this one. It's disturbing, but Vaughn always mentions it.
Will she like us? could she NOT? We are pretty likeable, Offey and me. 

Anxiously awaiting her arrival, but praying she'll hang on a little longer.



  1. She won't just like you, she'll love you.

    I can't decide about her hair. Cora's was honey brown before it was so blondie blonde, so it could go either way. Can you imagine me with a baby that has a head full of hair?

    I think she looks like Cora in the ultrasound pictures, but she has her own flair. I love imagining what she'll be like. I can't wait to meet her.

  2. She will be perfect, we know that. So smart and so cute and so fun, just like her sissy...but, like you said, with her own flair. Yay for flair!


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