Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sew in Love

We met in our junior year in high school.
I wish I could say I knew from the day I met him that we'd marry someday. 
That was true for him.

I was new in town, back in 1980. 
Vaughn remembers what I was wearing the day we met in the hallway,
that first day of school.

Jill Johnson introduced us, he says. 
(Beats me.)
I DO remember meeting him.

He always gives me a hard time about it.
He says, "I've loved you longer" or "I love you MORE."

So I caught on a little later than him?


All I know is...he's my world.
And has been for more than 26 years.

Happy Valentine's Day, People.



  1. Awwwwww....True, true, every word of this is true. I recall him telling me this before you had figured it out one night. Yes, I was shoveling popcorn and he was sitting behind the counter with me telling me that he would marry you even though you didn't know it believed in him. His patience was rewarded with your beautiful life together. What wonderful memories...Love you guys!...........Raynita

  2. I love the tribute and pictures. Isn't it awesome to be highschool sweethearts? Heather

  3. Raynita: We did a lot of shoveling popcorn at the theater, didn't we? That's where he proposed! In the parking lot, after work. He said, "Do you wanna get married?" I said, "Okay."

    Heather: This was just a week after we officially started dating, and we got married 2 months later.

    I feel so blessed to have such a long love story with Vaughny.

  4. Aw..such a sweet story. Happy Valentine's Day!


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