Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My First Grade Classroom

Having a neat classroom is important to me. All children deserve a clean place to learn. One that smells good and looks good. A room that is organized. Where there's routine and normal but at the same time, a feeling that something great is coming around the bend.

Three years ago Vaughn painted the trim for my
chalkboard/bulletin boards black.
I loved it, so the next year he painted the bulletin boards black.
It's amazing how everything displayed POPS on the dark background.

Because Vaughn has a cabinet shop, I have stuck with the
Building the Future theme for two years now.
The children enjoy working with hard hats,
nail aprons and tape measures throughout the school year.

My students and I spend more time at school each day than
we spend at home (awake anyway).
I'm proud to have a classroom that feels like home.

Mrs. T. Johnson (my name at school)


  1. That's just tooooo cool for school...lol....but I guess NOT!!! Just had to tell you how impressive your classroom is, of course I expected it to be. Just thought it deserved a comment, even from a homeschool mom:)

  2. I'm glad you like it, Raynita! (Thanks for commenting, by the way.) It's a fun room for the kids to learn.


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