Saturday, January 9, 2010

By Request: The Kitchen


Vaughn and I had a little "tussle" about my choice of white cabinets for our forever home. But he let me win. And he doesn't even mind very much when he has to maintain them with caulk or whatever he maintains them with. The look of the white cabinetry with black counter top just makes me think of a 40's or 50's kitchen.


I am ready for Valentine's Day here, Folks.





Come on over and sit a spell with me.


  1. What a beautiful and INVITING kitchen! I am not sure what I like the best...the different heights of your cabinets (btw, LOVE white cabinets), the RED touches, the yellow colored walls or that gorgeous island.

    Melissa David

  2. I'm glad you stopped by, Melissa. Are you following me now??? (smile)

  3. Absolutely wonderful! Lauren and I were looking through magazines this week and I told her that my original "dream kitchen" had all white cabinets....have always loved them. Glad you won the "tussle"

  4. I love the kitchen, especially the mix of the different colors. Thanks for putting the pictures on there :)

  5. The paint/accessory colors for the house were designed around my four Fiesta colors. I collect scarlet, turquoise, sunflower and shamrock, so the walls are sort of a faded yellow, turquoise and green. Lots of accessories are RED, which I love the most.

  6. I remember someone helping me sponge paint my first apt. The wise person told me, I had to have a little red in every room, because it was warm. I think of that everytime I arrange my home and there is a little red in every room:) Remember the sponge painting days??

    Also, is the door to your laundry room different than the one that used to be up? I'm thinking something, and not sure if I imagined it or not...

    Love your whole house, it's lovely.
    Love your whole family, they're great.

  7. Oh Kay. I remember those sponge painting days. (It covered up a lot, huh?) Thanks for remembering my advice about RED, the color of the world.

    The laundry room door is the same as when you were here. Can't believe you missed it!

    You are sweet, Kay. Love your family too. Someday I'll see YOUR home...I just know it.


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