Thursday, December 31, 2009

Imagine my Sadness

It's gone. The Unique Thrift Store in Seminole. Gone.
Closed up. No sign. Nothing.
 Imagine my sadness.

On one junking trip, this store had Fiesta, in my!
It was the store that had 29 cent vintage Christmas ornaments last time I was there.
This store GOT me.
It was my go-to place.

No warning. Just. Gone.
I shall try to continue on. 

Until then I'll haunt my old junkin' spot.

Prairie View, located between Holdenville and Horn Town.
You must go there if you're close by.

While at Prairie View this week I found a vintage plastic cup for Cora's kitchen.
And this darling old makeup paint set. Isn't it full of whimsy?

Can you imagine using a product like this?
I can't decide if it was eye shadow or foundation or blush or what.

At another junk stop I found an ugly gold frame for 75 cents. Plans were made!

The makeup paint set and the ugly gold frame are now married
and living happily ever after on a bathroom wall.
All for less than $2.

Happy Day!

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