Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Saving Thanksgiving

I am trying to save Thanksgiving. Single-handedly. 
If I don't put my tree up, maybe it can be saved. 
Boy it's been tempting. 
You know, to just go ahead and put the Christmas out while I've been out of school. 
After all, I love my shabby Christmas decorations.
But no! It's just not time. Wait, wait, wait!
Enjoy the grapevine pumpkin with lights one more day.
Gaze upon the Indian corn and gourds.
Relax and remember THIS holiday.

The neighbors have their Christmas lights up.
(We look lame.)


  1. I DO have a blog! I'm excited but starting slow, as you can see. I bought two blogging books that I plan to read over Christmas break.


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